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    in Türkiye

    Turkish fashion is not limited to clothing and jewelry. Bags, shoes, and all sorts of artisanal items fill out the wide world of Turkish fashion design. Usually items are made with unique Turkish designs and local materials. Look out for handmade leather items, hand-painting enamel and ceramics, traditionally-woven textiles, and more. Many contemporary designers draw influences from history, whether it’s silk pillowcases in the style of Anatolia textiles, luxurious handwoven pestemal-style robes and towels, and ceramic plates that call back to İznik patterns.

    Turkish-made shoes are high-quality and you can still find handmade artisan shoemakers working throughout the country. It’s possible to have shoes custom made to suit your feet out of non-synthetic, locally produced material, including buttery leather. There are also local chains that historically grew out of single shops that produce Turkish-designed footwear.

    Ceramics makers create all sorts of servingware, including plates, tray, and cups, that are influenced by İznik tiles, ebru painting, and traditional Turkish ceramics methods. There are also plenty of designers and brands who eschew the traditional style all together, preferring instead to create work that is edgy and contemporary and new.

    The industry of handbag design is highly regarded worldwide. While leather is the most common material to work with, innovative designers use wicker weaving, high-quality cloth, velvet, and other materials to create unique bags. There is no single Turkish style for handbag design. Some are minimalist and chic, while others are garish and full of ornate details.