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  • fashion design

    in Türkiye

    Turkish fashion design is lively and relevant, and ranges from traditional-inspired fashion to cutting-edge modern design. With more than 70% of Turkish people residing in urban areas, there is a vibrant fashion scene that draws on international and local trends. Walk through the streets of İstanbul and you will see an incredible range of fashion choices, from colorful crop tops to silk haute couture head scarves, from sparkles and sequins to sleek black, from miniskirts to long trousers to short shorts to maxi dresses. Turkish fashion, especially in the urban areas, is a rich tapestry.

    Modern designers integrate local influences, from ikat silk prints to jewelry that calls back to the Ottoman Empire. Türkiye takes in the crosscurrents of influences from all over the world, from Europe and the Middle East and Central Asia and Africa, and the clothing worn in Türkiye reflects that cosmopolitan, globalized, interconnected experience. International chain stores coexist with local boutiques and home-grown companies. Punchy patterns are as common as sedate colors. There is a fashion choice for every price point. You can find streets lined with luxury brand stores and high-end boutiques, as well as affordable locally-produced fashion.

    Traditionally, fashion in Türkiye has been a sign of the times. When the Republic of Türkiye was founded, there was a push to put aside the traditional dress of the Ottoman times and embrace the modern, Western style of dressing. Since then, Turkish fashion has only grown and expanded to become something that both encompasses a worldly way of dress, and transcends it. Modern Türkiye is stylish, diverse, and full of surprises. Local designers, fashion shows, and educational programs contribute to the innovative and diverse styles that can be found all over Türkiye.