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  • Fashion and Design

    Design is everywhere in Türkiye. Jewelry design utilizes techniques and motifs that are specific to Türkiye, and people come from all over the world to visit with Turkish jewelry makers. Products ranging from hand-woven textiles to ceramics to bags take on a unique and distinctly Turkish character.

    fashion design

    in Türkiye

    Turkish fashion design is lively and relevant, and ranges from traditional-inspired fashion to cutting-edge modern design.

    jewelry design

    in Türkiye

    Turkish jewelry design is high-quality, complex and ever-evolving. Many local designers draw on traditional motifs, historical jewelry making methods, and a variety of metals and materials to make fascinating modern pieces.

    product design

    in Türkiye

    Turkish fashion is not limited to clothing and jewelry. Bags, shoes, and all sorts of artisanal items fill out the wide world of Turkish fashion design.

    furniture design

    in Türkiye

    Turkish furniture design encompasses a wide range of styles, from the traditional inspired to the modern, from ornately detailed pieces to streamlined pieces with stark lines.